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I cooked chicken on the grill and this sauce made it extra special! We loved the flavor of the sauce and it was finger licking good!

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~Chef Lori~ April 26, 2009

Very Very Good! My Fam loves it!! I have made this 3x now and it just keeps getting better. I do exclude the red pepper flakes because I have a 6 and 4 yr old who can not stand the heat at their age. I use chicken thighs (bnlss, skinlss) Thank you Kittencal!

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Helenic Hottie December 20, 2008

I really enjoyed this sauce, and the next time I make it, I will add the onion and garlic. I baked chicken tenders in the oven at a low temperature and used Cattlemen's bbq sauce and dark brown sugar to make the glaze. DH said the recipe was 4.5 stars, but with my 5 stars, I'd give this a 5.

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Camel_Cracker December 01, 2008

WOW!! This was simply the BEST barbeque sauce giving Tony Roma a real run for their money on their barbeque sauce!! I doubled the recipe as we were having the 4th of July celebration at our home this year. I didn't have any apple juice concentrate, (can't find it here in this small city in Malaysia, so just didn't have it in the recipe.) We like spicy here so I used 1 tsp of of the ground red pepper AND threw in 1 tsp of paprika powder to boot! I used Heinz Hickory flavored bbq sauce and the darkest brown sugar I could find here as it has a very nice molasses taste to it. Everyone, including myself was pouring extra sauce all over our bbq chicken!! What a delight for my tastebuds!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. Can't wait to try it with the apple juice if and when I can get some. May try just regular apple juice. Even without it this was just simply the BEST!!!

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Mantarae July 04, 2008

I cut the recipe in half because i didnt have much chicken to make up and the other reviewers said they had extra sauce afterwards anyways. I used sweet baby rays hickory brown sugar BBQ sauce and just a couple sprinkles of cayenne pepper because i dont like things to be too spicy. I was questioning the apple juice but im glad that i gave this a try. You couldnt really taste apples outright but it was an underlying flavor in the dish. This wasnt too sweet either, was kinda of just in the middle of sweet and spicy which was great. Next time Ill cook the sauce for the whole 20 minutes like you said, but i was in a rush to get dinner on the table so it was probally more around 7. The sauce was alittle thin because of that but i just basted often and reserved some sauce to put on top of the finished chicken. Definatly a try again recipe that will stay in our rotation - next time ill remember to try adding the onion and garlic. Thanks kitten

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Michelle_My_Belle November 21, 2007

I made 2 gallons of this recipe for our church picnic for 200. Afterward I had a hard time giving away the leftover hamburgers and hot dogs, but there was no chicken left. Everyone begged me for the leftover sauce and the recipe. I highly recommend adding the onion and garlic mentioned in Kittencal's intro, it makes it that much better.

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chicagorob August 30, 2007

Thank you so much for sharing Kitten. As always an excellant dish. I left the skin on my chicken thighs, what a flavourful treat. The chicken was moist and tender. The skin tasty and very flavourful. The Bbq sauce was wonderful. I also had alot of sauce left over, but I look forward to trying it with pork and shrimps. It was raining here so I baked my chicken in the oven and just kept basting it with the sauce. It makes a great glaze.

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Baby Kato July 26, 2006

This was so good! A wonderful flavor for chicken. I only used 1/8 tsp. red pepper (the kids don't like spicy) and it turned out great. It was a good tip to skin the chicken first; the flavor soaked right in. I did have enough sauce leftover to do probably 3 more pounds of chicken, but it's so good it's already used up. Thanks Kitten!

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Kaarin June 29, 2006
Sweet Barbecue Broiled or Grilled Chicken