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This is a fabulous pie! The flavor combination is wonderful, perfect with Syrah, champagne and tea (not at the same time)! I increased the cranberries almost 1/4 cup and decreased the sugar by 1/4 cup and increased the cinnamon just a little. The pie was a little tart, but for us it was perfect served with vanilla ice cream and/or whipped creamed. The two challanges I ran into - first I had to wait almost two weeks from when I bought my pears to when they ripe enough to use - they were still not as ripe as you would want if eating them out of hand. So planning ahead is necessary. Second - I increased my crust recipe by 1/4, this wasn't near enough to do the leaf cut outs without having to reroll part of the pastry, which due to time limits I had to do, resulting in part of my crust being tougher then the rest. Next time I would either skip the all over leaf cut out crust and just add a couple to decorate a regular top crust or increase my crust recipe by at least half. Thanks Jackie for a lovely new pie recipe which I will definetly make again. Made for PRMRT.

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momaphet October 26, 2010
Sweet Autumn Harvest Pie