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This didn't match my expectations, but they do taste good. They have a light coating of crispness & a mild lingering heat as you munch on them. The problems I encountered started with the cooking time. It took far longer in both stages. The stovetop portion was around 15 minutes to get it to a syrupy mix & in the oven the nuts were still swimming in liquid at 15 minutes. I stirred & cooked them around another 30 minutes (checking & stirring often). The glaze was very dark, almost to the point one would think they might be burnt. After cooling they still had a very greasy feel so I poured them onto paper towel lined cookie sheets and then blotted them from the top too. The spices don't jump out at all and I was looking for more flavor from the combination. All in all, they taste good, just not as spicy as I was after. Thank you for sharing your recipe! Made for the Let's P-A-R-T-Y event.

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Susie D December 19, 2009
Sweet and Spicy Mixed Nuts