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We loved this dish, though I added other vegetables that we liked and served with DH's fried rice. I did err when making the sauce in that I put everything into the pot, by the time I realized my error it was too late and I just went ahead and cooked it up and we had a lovely thick sauce and oh I doubled the sauce ingredients because I had more meat that stated (cut up a boned leg of pork) and with all the extra vegies I was into the dish thought it was the way to go. Thank you Hayley_11, made for Unrated Asian Recipe Tag game.

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I'mPat August 14, 2009

We loved this, made for a family supper. I did use pork, (sometimes I might sub) and did marinate it for at least half an hour while I was busy with other prep. I omitted the chilli powder, since the girls might not have liked it, and I doubled the sauce ingredients, because we enjoy a good amount of sauce. I used the suggested vegetables, (using a whole small pineapple) and would have added snow peas, but couldn't find any! That's okay, it was great anyway. This was fabulous, filling, and once the prep is done, quickly prepared. PS I didnt have any sherry, so used a slug of whisky in the marinade.. don't tell DH! Made for Unrated Asian Recipe Tag 2009

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Karen Elizabeth August 11, 2009

This is very good. I like that the pork (because it was marinated) came out tender and juicy without having to be breaded. The flavor was very nice as well. It sure beats the "marachino red" sauce they serve in take out joints where I live. Thanks for posting.

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threeovens August 06, 2009

Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The red bell pepper really is a great addition!! My only problem was that halfway through, I realized I did not have enough sauce (as we were gonna eat it on rice). But I made another batch ( really no big deal) and it was devoured. I really recommend this over rice b/c the sauce is sooo good!! Made for Unrated Asian tag, 2009.

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kellychris July 15, 2009
Sweet and Sour Pork