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This recipe was the closest to what I've eaten at Chinese restaurants. What gave it its most genuine chinese restaurant quality, was the breaded pork. I added a little baking soda to the batter, and deep fried the pieces of battered pork, which made it very authentic. Before I deep-fried the pork, I baked the pieces in the oven on a large cookie sheet for about 20 minutes, so they were actually already done all the way through. The deep-frying took very little time, and they came out golden brown. If I hadn't pre-baked, they may have been a little undercooked inside. I also used rice vinegar, instead of white vinegar, because it's been sitting in my cabinet for months, and I wanted to use it. I used about a quarter cup less, because it was all the rice vinegar I had, but I didn't need to add any white vinegar, because it turned out just perfect. I also sauteed my vegetables in a separate sautee pan. Even though it sounds like I changed this recipe a lot, I'm sure if I had followed it to the letter, it would have been excellent too. The Chinese restaurant version I am used to has a red sweet and sour sauce, and this is not red, but it is very good! If you want red, go buy it, unless you know how they make that stuff. I would love to know. But this sauce is excellent. The batter is an excellent recipe for batter. I plan on using it for onion rings and mushrooms too! Thanks for posting! By the way...this recipe was about the only one without stars posted behind it, and I chose it anyway, because of the batter, which was what I was looking for to mimic the Chinese restaurant's version. I'm glad I can give it the credit it's due - now it will have 5 stars. Thanks again!

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H. Cato August 12, 2002

Oh boy, this was excellent and as good or better than the Sweet and Sour Pork I have had in restaurants. The pork was tender with a wonderful battered crust. I threw in some onion rings and mushrooms. The sauce was a perfect blend of ingredients. Thanks BarbaraK, for sharing this recipe.

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ratherbeswimmin' December 30, 2003

A very nice sweet and sour dish! I made it almost as directed - just used fresh pineapple and also added some onion wedges. The batter was great and one day I will figure out how to keep the coating from getting soggy once the sauce is introduced. That is true of every battered dish with sauce that I have made not just this one. :)
Thanks very much for sharing this recipe. I expect to be making it again in the near future!

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K9 Owned March 15, 2011

Hey there-this is the recipe for Sweet and Sour Pork I've been waiting for. The sauce is a perfect balance of vinegar/sugar/juice. The veggies were great-tender crisp. I did add 1 onion sliced, and the pork came out just right, a little juicy with a nice crust. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. My family thanks you as well. Di

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Dib's December 12, 2002

too much vinegar for our taste. sorry

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Carole February 03, 2015

I made this recipe for something different and easy as my daughter and grand daughter were coming for dinner. I made it according to the measurements in the recipe. I made the sauce in a medium size Lagostina pot (I don't have a double boiler) and ensured I kept it cooking at the right temperature. I used five medium carrots sliced relatively thin. <br/><br/>I cubed the meat (3 large and thick pork tenderloins) and sauted it in the batter in a regular frying pan with high quality olive oil. (The batter is similar to a tempura batter). I cooked the meat on medium heat so that it was cooked evenly and not burned. (Less oil is used if not deep frying). I added the cornstarch and water mixture to the sauce just before adding the meat. Once it thickened which took only a few minutes the thickened sauce was just right. This was topped over Batsumi rice. It tasted great and as it makes alot, I have enough left over to freeze for at least three or four more meals. I will save this recipe and use it again. I would recommend this recipe to anyone. It took me a little less than an hour to make all from scratch.

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l.cheryl December 03, 2013

This was fabulous! An absolute keeper! I thought it looked like a lot of extra work to cook the pork like that, but it made the dish. I loved it! Since I have a "thing" about sweetness, I did reduce the amount of brown sugar I used in the sauce to 3 Tbls. and think I could have reduced it even more for my own personal tastes. But it is, after all, "sweet and sour pork" and actually nearly perfect. I'd not hesitate a minute to serve it to guests.

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Okra July 13, 2013

This was very good, throughly enjoyed it as did my hubby, the only thing was the directions were just a little confusing, had to read a couple of times to make sure the process was in the right order. But otherwise it was great!! and I really liked the batter for the pork, going to try it on some chicken breast. Thanks for the post !! will make again.

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Chef Dragonflygirl March 18, 2012

Wonderful. I also used 1/2 cup tomato sauce and 1/2 cup vinegar instead of a whole cup of vinegar like one other reviewer said. I also like to use a bit more cornstarch b/c I like my sauce thick and syrupy not runny... yummy yummy - it's now a family favorite!

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cUte Kitty pUnk July 25, 2011

Only reason I give this a four, is for my taste it was a bit on the sweet side and thess the sour side. Other then that having been my first attempt it was very good, I enjoyed it. I used apple cider vinager instead of white, as apple and pork go together so much better in my oppinion. I will make this again and decrese the suger a tad, maybe 3/4 cup instead of 1 cup.
Thankyou for posting this wonderfull recipe.

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Curvycook April 21, 2011
Sweet and Sour Pork