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Excellent! I made this tonight, and it surpassed any expectations I had about it. It was better than my favorite sweet and sour at a local Chinese restaurant. I will be more efficient in making it next time by prepping veggies first, slicing chicken next, then mixing the batter and sauce. After all of that is assembled, it is a breeze. Crisp, tasty batter; lovely tangy s/s sauce, and crispy veggies. What could be better. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. My picky daughter, home from college, is begging for this recipe. I've had it for a few months and just now got around to trying it. It will be a regular from now on. Delicious!!

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wannaB December 23, 2003

Overall, this was a good recipe, but a little too sour. I would suggest adding a little more brown sugar (to taste) to the sauce recipe. Also, I suggest only lightly coating the chiken before frying - otherwise all you taste is half-raw batter.

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Lisa L April 26, 2005

I have been using this recipe for a while now and I love it. You really do need to prepare everything before the cooking starts. If I am in a hurry then I just stir fry the chicken without doing the batter, but the sauce is a staple! Thank you for sharing this!

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Melly78 August 25, 2012

I use a different sauce recipe (fix-it-and-forget-it sweet and sour chicken) that I cook in the crockpot all day and when the family is really in a hurry I just dice up the chicken breasts and throw them in in the morning as well. But for those occasions when I have the time I make the breaded chicken chunks using this recipe. AND THEY ARE PHENOMENAL!!! Better than Chinese takeout, because I control the ingredients, I really pump up the veggie quotient (one whole onion, one large green pepper and 3 carrots, all diced) and fry these babies up. My family never asks for Chinese buffet anymore and for that I'm glad! I'd like to mention that getting the consistency just right was really important to me. I use about 3/4 c of water and it's like a loose pancake batter. I don't like the breading to be really thick and this seems to me to be perfect!!! THANK YOU!!!

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georgeweezie_8318418 February 07, 2011

This was amazing! It was just like a resturant made it in flavor and appearance. Great sauce, great batter. I didn't have white wine vinegar so I used rice vinegar and tasted great. Will make this a lot especially when I want to impress! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

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coolmom September 10, 2005

This was very good. I did think that the batter needed something, like salt and pepper. It was a great consistancy and it fried up great,but it needed a little more taste to it. But I will be sure to make this again.

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Mamma on duty July 30, 2005

Dead on restaurant style batter for the chicken...excellent!

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youngloopy January 02, 2005

I used the serving adjuster and made 40 servings for my staff Holiday party. It took a while to cook all that chicken, but it was AMAZING!!! Everyone LOVED it! I am making some tonight for dinner!!!!

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ScrappyLaura December 05, 2004
Sweet and Sour Chicken