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This is just plain YUMMY. Sweet enough to entice the family to try something different (translate: beans???????? and where's the meat??????) I didn't have dry mustard so threw in a huge tablespoon of dijon. I skipped the baking step, just kept adding stuff to the frypan (skillet) and then put the lid on and left it. It's beautifully saucey, tangy yet sweet and with interesting texture. I did only put the one apple in as Cookgirl told me by email and also added a cup of sliced celery just cos I thought it needed some green. Deliciously different. Will be freezing a portion just out of interest, to see how it copes with a freeze and thaw. What a blessing this Zaar site is. I would never have tried this in a Pink Fit normally! : )))

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RubberDucky AU February 27, 2007

This was pretty tasty. I used 1 can of kidney beans and 1 of black beans. I think I might reduce the amount of apple to one next time as it seemed like more apple than beans but the flavor was very good. Made a nice accompaniment to a cheese sandwich. Thanks for the recipe Cookgirl!

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flower7 November 25, 2006

This is a five star recipe all the way! I forgot how good apples can be in main dishes! First, using Granny Smith apples brought a tangy taste that was a delightful change. Second, it is so easy to make! I never got to step 6 (baking) and I don't think I needed it. I think the veggies would have been too mushy for my liking if they cooked longer. I added another tsp cumin, cause I'm into it. I think I will add another bit of brown(about 1/2 tsp)next time. I left off the sour cream and served it over couscous with a squeeze of lemon. Cookgirl, you have brought me back to using apples in something other than pie!

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Happy Harry #2 March 19, 2006
Sweet and Savory Vegetarian Bean Casserole