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I have been trying so many different spaghetti sauces lately. After making this one, my husband told me I have to stop. There is no more trying because this is the sauce. I agree. This was so much better than anything you can buy at the store. I also added more brown sugar to suit our tastes and it was delicious. Thanks for sharing.

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mrsfirebird December 12, 2008

I love spaghetti, but I often find that store bought or even some restaraunt sauces are too thin or lacking flavor. This sauce is the best, it has a sweet tanginess that I love. I added a 1/4 cup more of brown sugar to suit my own taste, but it is probably sweet enough for the average person by itself. I did take the advice and add a bit more salt too. The sauce is so versatile, I used the leftovers the next day when I was making some stuffed shells and they turned out great! I use recipezaar all the time, but I got an account just so I could comment on this recipe.

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ninak61103 November 21, 2007
Sweet and Herby Spaghetti Sauce