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This is my families new favorite roast chicken! I was worried that the flavor of the spices would be strong, but it was mild yet very flavorful and very moist and tender. The kids even loved it especially the rice and they never eat rice. This recipe is delicious and pretty easy to make and is well worth the time.

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Citykidd September 14, 2012

Thank a lot for this special the recipe. I used what I found at home and I modified the recipe: 4 medium potatoes instead of the sweet potatoe and quinces instead of apples. It was really excellent and different with such spices!

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awalde October 13, 2010

Absolutely yummy! I’m only writing a quickie review for now as my internet connection is currently so dodgy that sometimes I’m only connected for a few minutes in twelve hour period. VERY frustrating. I’ll come back later and review this again when these problems have been resolved!

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bluemoon downunder June 15, 2006

I've chosen this chicken to satisfy the Swedish national day challenge in the Zaar World Tour 2006. I thought if this dish used to be Marcus Samuellsson's grandmother's Sunday dish, then it is definitely good enough to eat it on Sweden's national day! I enjoyed the subtle flavour of the spices on the chicken, but what I loved best was the wonderful rice that goes with the chicken. I also appreciated the sauce very much. Thank you Kate for creating it to pour it over the chicken and rice! It surely is a wonderful addition to this recipe. I must add, however, that BF was less enthusiastic of this dish. He claimed that he couldn't taste the spices at all (liar! - I could!), that he has never seen a Swedish person eating sweet potatoes and that he preferred Greek lemon-oregano chicken or Italian rosemary-paprika chicken. However, I thoroughly enjoied this dinner and I only wished that I had cooked more rice (1 1/2 cups instead of just 1). In my eyes, this recipe certainly deserves 5 stars! Thank you Kate!

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tigerduck June 14, 2006

Ohh, wonderful. Great directions. A great roast chicken. I don't get to make one very often, but this is definately a keeper. My husband would let me use the anis on pain of death. :( Zaar World Tour 05

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Amis September 16, 2005

This is the most phenomenal chicken ever! This is hands down the BEST roast chicken I have ever made (and that is saying a lot as I make about one a week!). This is the most tender, most flavorful, best texture, best tasting whole chicken recipe out there. The rice is wonderful and really adds to the dish! There is a reason that Marcus is recognized as a top Swedish chef and this recipe exemplifies that reason! I chose to use a nice Sauvignon Blanc instead of the chicken stock, excellent addition to the recipe Chef Kate! I did not have star anise, so I simply left it out and since I used ground cloves, I don’t think it made that much of a difference. Lovely, Lovely Recipe! Very clear directions! Thank you so much for posting this one!

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NcMysteryShopper September 14, 2005
Swedish Roast Chicken With Spiced Apple Rice