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My family loved these pancakes! They're a 'heartier' version of Swedish pancakes and very delicious. My kids like all their pancakes with maple syrup and these were no different. I had no blender so used elbow grease and a whisk to achieve a nice, smooth batter. Thanks for the recipe Marie!

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Hey Jude July 24, 2004

Delicious, I had no problem what so ever with this recipe. They were PERFECT. Made them just like he recipe said served them Raspberry jam also Apricot yogurt. YUMMY. Really the only problem I had was DH eating them faster than I could cook them.I will be making again will also try cutting the recipe in half for the 2 of us.. Thank you Marie.

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Barb Gertz June 13, 2004

I feel really badly, but I have to admit to not being happy with these pancakes at all. I have had them before, and have attempted other recipes, and other crepe recipes, so I'm not completely a newbie to them. I actually made them twice to try and adjut for the difficulties, with little success. They were too eggy and gummy, and I found it almost impossible to get an even, nicely browned pancake, even though I was very care (especially the 2nd time) in measuring the ingredients. I tried a few different pans, heat levels, cooking times. I'd solve one problem and another would crop up. I couldn't seem to get a good texture, flavor, or much consistency in making the crepes at all.

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Charmed June 12, 2004
Swedish Pancakes