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This is for people who hate meat loaf! I have always disliked meat loaf. Hubby however, likes it. For over 30 years I have tried various receipes and never liked one. This however, made me a meat loaf lover! It was moist, had a great texture, was not greasy, and was loaded with flavor. I made it as written, but had to use Panko crumbs as that was all I had in my pantry. I wil be making this again and again. I might give it a go using ground chicken and chicken broth.

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jerseygirl1952 April 01, 2011

This was excellent meatloaf. Loved it! Would give it more than 5 stars if I could. It is our favorite recipe of the ZWT6.

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Debbie R. June 13, 2010

I am one of those meatloaf haters people have referenced in their reviews. Have hated it since childhood, no matter what permutation of the stuff got thrown at us. This recipe is the FIRST meatloaf recipe I've been able to tolerate at all lol. My son, on the other hand, LOVES this stuff and he can be a picky eater when the mood suits him. I pretty much made the recipe as described.

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goomer October 27, 2013

Well, this gets the first 4 stars from me, the cook, because it is very simple to throw together, especially compared to some of the other meatloaf recipes I have made. The 5th star comes from my 5 year old, who was disappointed when the pan was emptied because he *needed* more! All of the meat eaters in the house enjoyed this very much, and I loved hearing DH's contented sigh at the end of the meal! I did add some tomato sauce on top about halfway through cooking, which probably made it less Swedish but is a personal preference of DH's. Thanks for posting, this one is a keeper! Made for ZWT 9, for a fellow Gourmet Goddess!

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smellyvegetarian September 04, 2013

I love meatloaf but haven't had any for a very long time. I made a mini-loaf as I'm the only one who eats meatloaf here. This was simple and very good. Loved the hint of horseradish with the mushrooms. Thanks for sharing Pesto lover. Made for ZWT9.

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lazyme August 11, 2013

DH & I enjoyed this very much. As I was serving he said I had given him too much...so good he went back for seconds. Excellent recommendation. I was getting ready to ask him if he could taste the horseradish and he said what's in this, I then said mushrooms and he said no, does it have horseradish, gosh I was searching for the flavor and he found it. Will make this many times in the future. I used canned mushrooms, that's what I had, can't wait to have it with the real mccoy. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Laurel

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targetbg January 24, 2013

This was really tasty meatloaf. I guess it was the horseradish and dill? I think all it needs is a gravy, at least for me. Next time I will double the filling and reserve half to pour over! Made for ZWT 6.

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threeovens June 06, 2010
Swedish Mushroom Meatloaf