Swedish Meat Dumplings for Soup

Total Time
10 mins
20 mins

This recipe is an idea from my “Classic Scandinavian Cooking” by Nika Hazelton cookbook that I absolutely adore because it reverses how we think about soup. Although happily changing somewhat in recent yrs, most of our DH’s and our kids still think of soup as something meat-based, creamed, filled with pasta and not really a meal. While that’s a time-honored tradition, the trend now is to healthier and veggie-based soups. This idea helps you to convince your “bread, meat and potatoes” DH and your “I don’t like veggies” kids that eating healthier can be tasty and fun. Not a problem and so easy ... make meat dumplings for a variety of veggie-based soups. Everyone is happier and healthier!

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  1. Combine all ingredients (except flour); blend thoroughly. Shape into small balls the size of a large marble.
  2. Roll in flour, drop into your simmering soup and simmer for 20 minutes.
  3. Notes: This is admittedly done on a small scale, but easily doubled. The yield will depend on how faithful you are to size. I like to use 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce to add smoky flavor + darker color to the meat mixture, but you can also add 1-2 tbsp of Pepperidge Farm dressing mix to enhance the flavor & stretch the yield. It's a tiny recipe w/lots of versatility!