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This recipe was a joy to make and lookes and smells like an exotic Tahitian Meal. We served it over brown rice. Yummy!! I made this recipe double as I had TWO lbs of large SEA Scallops. (6 per person times 5 people.) There were three things I didn't double. One was the pineapple (only had one can) but added about 2 tbsp of Splenda instead. Another was that instead of using the called for 1/4 habanero pepper, we used an 1/8th for the doubled batch and it was STILL hot! Don't use these peppers carelessly!! To get an idea of how hot you might make your recipe with these wicked peppers, barely touch your finger to the inside of a cut pepper and then touch your finger to the tip of your tongue. Nothing will happen at first but after about 3 seconds, it feels as if a firecracker just went off on your tongue! Truly amazing - but I'm a hot pepper virgin. The produce man told my husband that these peppers were 60 times as hot as a jalapeno. He's got to be right! This recipe would also work well with skinless boneless chicken tenders. Finally, I used more cornstarch than the recipe called for doubled. When done the sauce had a consistency of a French or Russian Salad dressing.

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Linda Rampone March 03, 2003

I wanted to try cooking something I had never done before. Being a beginner cook that is a long list, so I went with something I never had outside of a restaurant. I am trying to watch fat and calories so I used Pam instead of butter. I left out the habanero peppers and seasoned with Everglades instead of just salt and pepper. Everything else remained the same. I especially like using rum as an ingredient. The directions were easy to follow everything cooked up great. I may add some shrimp to the pan next time. Thanks Sue L, great recipe.

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El Mago November 17, 2008

My husband and I loved this recipe, We thought it was the best scallops we have ever had. I followed it exactly as far as cooking times and amounts except for a couple of substitutions. I used mandarine oranges instead of pineapple, putting them in at the same time as the rum (using coconut rum). I also added 1/4 C of fresh coconut instead of coconut extract. The rice was a wild rice blend which went perfect with the fruity, spicy flavor flavor

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imaykare September 06, 2008

My husband and I did not care for the recipe. We doubled the recipe. There was too much of an alcohol taste. Maybe I should not have doubled the rum. I don't think I'll make it again.

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skiingpeaches March 31, 2004
Swashbuckler's Scallops