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Wow Bergy, these are amazing, thank you so much for sharing your recipe with all of us. Different enough from Yorkshire Pudding to count as a new family favourite. Another alternative for roast beef. These are just wonderful, great flavour, they rise really well and absorb the gravey beautifully. I wish I could give you more than 5*'s...they deserve 10*s....Kudos

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Baby Kato June 01, 2006

Bergy, I made this recipe exactly as you wrote it, and the puddings were positively RUDE, the way they rose in the oven!! I happened to have meat with a lot of sauce for dinner, so it worked perfectly, thank you!! I ate 3 of the huge jumbo-muffin-pan puddings ... shame on me. One note to others: do not add salt because the soup packet has enough salt. I used a "Brown Onion Soup" packet -- this being South Africa it might be slightly different in size to the US and Canada. I am not British; have never made Yorkshire puddings, but have a recipe from a famous chef which says "use a cup of everything". Strangely enough my 4 jumbo eggs were exactly 1 cup! I did put about a tablespoon of butter in each giant muffin hole and heated it all up in the very hot oven until I heard the butter sizzle. I whizzed the ingredients with an electric mixer, then poured it into the pans. Great, Bergy!! Easy as well.

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Zurie May 27, 2006
Sussex Pudding (A Little Different Than Yorkshire Pudding)