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This sounded interesting so I decided we needed to try it! I have made rolled sushi before and it was really good, but alot of work.....this just like regular sushi with LOTS less work. I did make one change though. I only used half the amount of soy sauce because 1/2 cup seemed like alot of liquid for 2 cups of cooked rice. It was plenty. I did use the suggested amount of wasabi though. I used jasmine rice also and it was really good! I topped with fresh avocado and pink salad shrimp. Delicious! Thanks for sharing! I will be making again.....very soon I'm sure!

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sconehead July 24, 2011

I found this salad delightful. I love sushi and it tasted just like it...and it is much easier than all that rolling...even though the sushi rice is kind of a pain because of temperature changes. I also used real crab meat and added shrimp as well! I will definitely make it again!!! Thanks Tyler!

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princesslisa of a galaxy far far away June 20, 2003

I will not rate because I changed the veggies in this recipe thinking I would use the items in a California roll. I used avocado, cucumber, sesame seeds, shrimp, and toasted seaweed. I used kitchen shears to cut into 1 inch rows then cut in smaller pieces. I will make a suggestion, probably making the sushi rice as per a different recipe would probably help cause it usually has sugar in the rice wine vinegar. My kids loved the changes I made, I didn't, something seemed a little off.

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BethHallKelley December 30, 2008

I really, really wanted to like this recipe. I love sushi, and I even added some of my own favorite ingredients like avocado and salmon. However, I found this dish to be way too heavy on the soy sauce. If I made it again, I'd definitely set the soy sauce aside and dip my salad into it.

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Jessyka K August 20, 2008

Okay, don't you just hate those people who say "yes, I loved the recipe but I changed this and this and this and this?" I've made it twice, once with sushi rice and once with jasmine rice. While the sushi rice is certainly more authentic, not to mention sticky, I love the fragrant smell of jasmine rice. It DOES make for a rather different dish. Other changes? Aha, I used an English cucumber, peeling it, removing the seeds, and slicing it julienne style. I left the wasabi on the side, but added a little more rice vinegar, and in the sushi rice tradition I first heated it with a little sugar, allowing it to cool before tossing it with the rice. I also julienned the peppers, arranging them, along with a diced avocado, around the outside of the rice which I served in a mound on a pretty Japanese style serving plate. Instead of crunching up the seaweed, I used Nori rolls cut into a perfect size for making a handroll. What else? Ah, yes.... real crab, and (ready for this?) wasabi peas on the side, and then sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds and black sesame seeds. I must say, the presentation was stunning. When I used the jasmine rice I added a little more rice vinegar and sugar, which helped it stick together a little bit. Good stuff and quite easy.

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blacktie September 15, 2006

I didn't give this any stars, because I made some changes based on what I had (basically so I wouldn't have to go to the store for one thing), and I didn't think it was fair to rate it. I used brown rice, an English cucumber that I sliced as you suggested, julienned carrots, finely sliced green onions, and roughly chopped medium shrimp. I also followed sconehead's suggestion to half the soy sauce, and 1/4 cup was plenty for me too. I whisked the rice vinegar, soy sauce, and wasabi in a small bowl, and poured it over the whole sha-bang. Then I topped it off with diced avocado. It was so good, easy, filling, and hit the spot on the sushi craving. This recipe can totally be tailored to add or subtract any veggies you like or don't like. Thanks for posting this!

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Greeny4444 September 18, 2012

I thought this recipe sounded weird but interesting so I gave it a try. My boyfriend and I LOVED it! Its a great quick alternative to sushi. I added avocado and crab meat. I also think it would be really good with shrimp. But its also great meatless!

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livetoadventure June 12, 2010

Forgot the stars!

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littlemafia January 14, 2010

The other half and I very much enjoyed this. I made two minor changes. 1) I left out the orange bell pepper because I couldn't find one. 2) I added an avacodo because we had one. The end result was a bit of a Califorina Roll flavor. I'm told I can make this again soon. ;-)

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MrsDoty September 04, 2006

Just made this tonight and it was awesome. I love sushi, but haven't ventured into learning how to roll my own. This satisfied my sushi craving wonderfully. I skipped the carrots and added steamed shitake mushrooms and also added one avacado. Next time I'll add two avacados and up the rice by 1/2 cup. I'll also try using brown rice and making this as a stir-fry. My 15 month old loved this. Thanks Tyler!

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Jodid August 28, 2006
Sushi Salad