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This is an awesome recipe.If you like traditional sushi rice this recipe is the best! Maybe the reason Food Snob in Israel wasn't successful with this particular recipe was because they did change most of the ingredients. You HAVE TO use real sushi rice (like Jasmine Rice), real rice wine vinegar, and SUPER FINE sugar. (not powdered sugar) I have omitted the dried kelp and salt before and it turned out nicely as well. Try it and ENJOY!!!!

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julsartrocks February 16, 2008

Epic fail. Followed this to the "T" and rice would not stick together. Use sushi rice only. Jasmine is not an option for me. Hope others have better success.

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Christopher M. March 07, 2014

could have been a one star, but saved with the addition of soy sauce. Not good at all. I did replace the rice wine vinegar with 3/4 regular vinegar and 1/4 apple cider vinegar and did not use kelp. I also used brown rice. I think this was WAAAY too much powdered sugar and not enough vinegar. The addition of toasted sesame seeds would likely help as well.

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Food Snob in Israel February 14, 2008
Sushi Rice