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Before I fixed these (actually I made two batches ) I read the review that said they didn't have much of a lemon taste - so I tried to fix that up front. I added Lemon zest to the lemon gelatin and honey water that was boiling. The lemon batch I made tasted very good - I used Raisins, Coconut and chopped nuts as add-ins. The second batch I made I used orange gelatin and Orange zest. The add-ins for this batch were Macadamia Nuts and Hersey Special Dark baking chips. They're both kind of sticky to the touch, but I let them sit for a while before cutting them into bars - they held up pretty good. Overall , I prefer the Orange ones over the Lemon but I was pleasantly surprised and pleased by both.

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The Thorn of Hudson, FL January 29, 2007

I don't know how to rate this. It worked exactly according to the directions..I had to add about 3tsp water to bind completely. So it was a success. But the flavor was so mild as to be nonexistant. My kids both said they liked it, but only ate one piece each [I cut it into 16] and the rest of the batch sat on the kitchen counter, in a ziploc bag, untouched for five days. If I make it again, I would leave out the lemon jelly powder and use peanut butter for binding and flavoring.

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Terri Newell April 11, 2006
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