Super Sushi Nori Rolls

READY IN: 40mins
Recipe by Sackville

Sushi is easier to make than you think! And you don't have to use fresh fish either. It's a great lunch to take to work or an attractive-looking party snack.

Top Review by Bergy

I love Shushi and made these with a shrimp and piece of avacado inside.. I also made a thin omelet sushi with asparagus and a bit of corned beefhash init. Served both as appetizers to a goup that loved them. Served of course with wasabi & home pickled ginger. Your instructions are very clear and easy to follow even if it were a first time for someone making Sushi. Thanks Friedel

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  1. Empty rice into a bowl and run water through it until the water runs clear off the rice.
  2. Then cover rice in water and boil, adding water continuously until it's all absorbed and you have a sticky rice.
  3. If you have a bit too much water at the end, when the rice is cooked, just set it in a strainer for a few minutes to drain.
  4. Now, leave the rice for up to an hour beforehand so it can cool properly.
  5. You can speed this up a bit by putting it in the fridge to cool.
  6. When the rice is cool, lay out a tea towel and a nori sheet on top.
  7. Spread rice thinly over the sheet (a knife dipped in hot water makes this easier), leaving about an inch clear at the bottom and a slightly smaller border around the rest.
  8. The trick is to not use too much rice, leaving room for it to expand when rolled.
  9. Choose your fillings (one or two for each roll) and lay out in a thin line across the sheet, about 1/3 of the way from the top.
  10. Then start rolling from the top.
  11. The tea towel will help you get it started.
  12. When it is rolled (the bottom inch of the nori will stick to itself, holding the roll together) take a sharp knife and slice 1 inch rounds.
  13. Dip in soy sauce and wasabi, topped with ginger slices and enjoy!

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