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When I was young, my mother always made lots of shortbread cookies and lots of spritz cookies from two different recipes. I have always done the same, out of tradition. The shortbread cookies were very time-consuming to roll out, and frequently very frustrating. This recipe is great! I can get the look of the spritz with the melt-in-your-mouth taste of the shortbread all in one...and without the frustration. I will never make both recipes again. Thank you!

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Buckeye In Vegas December 24, 2006

These are my Christmas time favorites! My mom made this recipe and used orange extract and it was wonderful!! A really great recipe that is quick, and you can do multiple variations to create great cookie platters.

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~*Shannanigans*~ December 15, 2006

This is a very nice recipe to use with the SuperShooter. I had no problems at all getting it to go and I got tons of cookies out of the recipe. While I like the texture of the cookies a lot, they aren't quite sweet enough for our tastes. I'm not sure if adding more sugar would ruin the recipe or not, but I plan on trying it. Thanks!

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Karen=^..^= December 06, 2006
Super Shooter Whipped Shortbread Spritz Cookies