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Yes, super quick indeed and, though I'm not a fan of this method, tasty as well. I prefer stir frying in steps rather than mixing everything together first and then tossing around the pan. I think we might have used the wrong Thai Chili Sauce because we needed quite a bit more heat. Overall, a nice change for a weeknight quick dinner! Thanks ;)

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Spankie November 28, 2012

OMG E-Z!!! I couldn't believe how quickly this dish is prepared. I sliced the chicken while it was still partially frozen. I substituted 1 packet of splenda for each teaspoon of sugar, canned broth for stock, Viet Namese garlic chili sauce for Thai sweet chili sauce, and since the girlfriend doesn't like cilantro, I used basil. Since I used basil for her, I used 2 tablespoons of chili sauce for me. The finicky 16 year old son said the recipe is a keeper, and the girlfriend ate all of hers, even though it was "too hot". She only does that when she really likes the overall flavor of the dish.

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ATM 67 September 02, 2007

Fantastic!! As my family isn't overly keen on coriander so we used basil (quite a lot)...YUM To make this a complete one wok meal when served with rice I reduced the chicken quantity and added sliced onion, red and green capsicum and broccoli. I stirfried the veg first, removed from wok then started on the chicken. I'd suggest if you are doing the whole 500gm of chicken you do it in a few batches so it cooks quickly without stewing in it's own juices. I didn't add the sweet chilli sauce with the chicken, I added it to the stock, when making the sauce, this way it doesnt "catch" on the wok when cooking. If you find the sauce a little thick just thin out with a little water, (It doesn't alter the taste) I'll be making this again and again as we have a different stirfry at least once a week. Thanks for sharing!

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Stardustannie May 08, 2006
Super Quick Thai Flavoured Stir-Fried Chicken.