Super Mega Ultra Terrine

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  1. I'm making this up. Should adjust it for water bath instead of pressure cooker.
  2. caramelise onion with 1T butter.
  3. break down rabbit.
  4. pressure cook pork trotter, rabbit ribs and duck with ginger, rosemary.
  5. after cooking remove meat and skin from trotter. Keep skin aside.
  6. remove skin from duck, put aside. remove meat and keep in chunks.
  7. pressure cook rabbit pieces in leftover liquid.
  8. after cooked, remove meat and keep in chunks.
  9. chicken livers, cooked pork, 1t salt, port, tarragon, garlic into food processor.
  10. line terrine dish with aluminium foil, 2-3mm thick all the way around.
  11. grease up the foil.
  12. de-vein kale leaves.
  13. lightly blanch kale leaves to make them floppy.
  14. place kale leaves in terrine as the wrapper.
  15. fill terrine alternating with liver mush, chunks o meat, globs of onion and slices of truffle.
  16. compress terrine, discard leaky stuff.
  17. refrigerate 4-6 hours.
  18. carefully remove loaf from terrine dish.
  19. clean terrine dish.
  20. line with plastic wrap 2x.
  21. press sage leaves onto bottom in good pattern.
  22. make up the agar-agar with water and fill terrine 1/4 full careful not to move leaves.
  23. place loaf back into dish so it is fully submerged via displacement.
  24. allow to set.
  25. pop out.
  26. something like that.

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