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These were, like, wow! Don't you love it when a recipe renders you inarticulate? First, these were not the most super easy buns I've ever had, but that's because I decided to use my own challah dough which I made from scratch that morning. But if I had used frozen bread dough, this would have been too easy for words. I left out the pecans, and made some icing to drizzle on top afterwards (just some icing sugar, water and a bit of cinnamon). I made a more-than-double batch (using 1 kilo of flour for the challah dough) and the buns were gone in just over 24 hours. I think I'm going to be freezing batches of challah dough just so I can make these all the time. Thanks Terri!

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Mirj June 18, 2006

I enjoyed everybite and enjoyed making just made a few modifacations of my own,like vanilla in the sauce mixture.My family and i couldn't control ourselves.Awesome recipe thank you.

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pjroberts73 January 23, 2011

Really, really, REALLY GOOD!<br/>I wanted to make something sweet, so I made these. I didn't have any nuts for them, but they turned out GRRREAT! And they are very easy to make!

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channffen May 06, 2013
Super Easy Sticky Buns