Super Easy Southern Okra Succotash

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Total Time
5 mins
15 mins

This is one time that frozen vegetables work better than fresh. You can play with different spices if you like, it's very forgiving. A finely diced Jalapeno is good for a little bite. Butter works well to replace the bacon drippings, or you can live longer (if not better) and skip the fat all together! Add Sausage and serve over rice for a great main dish! Update! I’ve made this often substituting fresh okra, but I just made it for the first time with fresh corn right off the cob. I added the corn raw a little before the okra and just heated it through. It was fantastic! Crisp and sweet!

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  1. Add the first six items to a sauce pan and heat covered.
  2. Add the frozen okra and heat covered, on low, until it’s hot and just tender.
  3. Add the salt and pepper to taste and serve.
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Made as directed, no alterations. Very delicious. Will make again for my family and potlucks. Very easy, inexpensive, and colorful.

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This was very good. It's a great dish to add on my new vegetarian journey. I forgot to add the jalapeno, but will try a bit of that next time. Thanks for sharing!

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We couldn't stop eating this one. Thank you! Margie