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This is a great easy recipe, thanks! I added fresh garlic and curry powder to give it a bit more flavor. Frying with nonstick cooking spray made this fat free which is great. Only complaint is that I had to use a lot more flour than stated to get the dough to a workable consistency. Didn't measure the extra but I would estimate it took another cup. Thanks again though, lovely to be able to make this at home. :-)

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gourmet_girl May 11, 2009

Adding some garlic powder made these even more delicious. My pan wasn't hot enough for the first piece and it was tough, but the next one was fluffy and soft so make sure your pan is nice and hot first. I used the leftovers for breadsticks the next day by spreading pesto on them and topping with mozzarella and parm, then baking. It was sooo good, i'll be using these instead of my normal breadstick recipe from now on.

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crimsonfae July 29, 2012

Good basic pareve (non-meat, non-dairy) naan recipe to come back to again and again. Completely unseasoned, it's simply the perfect accompaniment to any Indian meal. My family tends to like Pooris more (same idea, only deep-fried!), but they readily accepted these hot, fresh and delicious naan instead! Like a previous reviewer, I had a very wet dough when I dumped in all the water (I used a food processor to mix and knead), and added perhaps half a cup of extra flour to compensate (it was still on the moist side). I use a standard weight of 135g of all-purpose flour per cup. In any recipe where you're measuring the flour in cups instead of weighing it, you're going to get inconsistencies. p.s. Makes plenty for 10-12 nice thin pan-sized Naan.

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Jay3fer June 15, 2010

This recipe is excellent; Easy to make and perfect to have with other tasty dishes plus is dairy free!

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Claudia F. September 26, 2016

This is exactly what I needed. SUPER EASY. The measurements we perfect and I didn't have to modify anything. Thanks for the recipe, a definate keeper

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Allana H. May 27, 2016

Fantastic recipe! I have made these twice now. The first time was my first ever time making naan and they turned out amazing. The second time I made them for a dinner party and received rave reviews from friends. I agree with another reviewer that more flour is needed, the second time I measured about 3/4 cup (probably a little more) added plus the extra needed for rolling out. I also don't have a grill or electric griddle where I live so I used the fry pan method with coconut oil instead of non-stick cooking spray for a healthier version and a little boost in flavor. The coconut oil seemed to be the selling point for both my boyfriend and me, it adds just a hint of coconut flavor and doesn't taste fried. Served with a lentil curry the first time slathered with vegan butter and fresh garlic - it was amazing! I made four naan's for dinner the first night and saved the other four for the next days lunch. They were even better the second day as they were left to rise overnight. The second time they were made for a dinner party I just sprinkled a bit of sea salt and pepper served alongside some hummus. Everyone loved them, even after they cooled down. 5 stars!

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Meg P. May 03, 2015

Followed the recipe to the letter other than using my Kitchenaid stand mixer. Mixed with the paddle, on about speed 3, until the dough came together, about a minute or so. Then I switched to the dough hook and let it run on speed 3 for maybe 3 minutes, until the dough cleared the side and made the thump thump sound.it The dough proofed in the oven for 30 minutes. Followed the rest of the directions exactly. Didn't need more flour or more seasoning. First try, will be a family recipe and a go-to when I'm out of bread. No extra flour was necessary. 50 feet above sea level, extra flour is normally needed, not this time.

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Bay Haven Inn February 03, 2015

This was super good and easy. I let mine rise for a bit longer. I agree with the other reviews, more flour is a MUST. I added spoonfuls until it wasn't sticky anymore. I would definitely recommend more salt and some garlic powder or fresh garlic butter. Overall, though, super good. My best results were when I had my cast iron griddle around medium heat. Make sure that whatever you use is already hot when you put the dough on.

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isbellewells July 13, 2014

I've tried a few different naan recipes and have never been completely happy with them; this one was perfect and will be the only one I use from now on.<br/><br/>Comments:<br/><br/>1) The dough was super sticky, so I worked a lot more flour into it while kneading until it no longer stuck to my hands or the board.<br/><br/>2) I had more success frying it in a dry pan without oil.<br/><br/>3) I will add a pinch more salt next time.<br/><br/>4) I cooked this last night after letting the dough rise for a couple of hours and it was very good. However, I had more dough than I needed so I decided to save the extra to cook today with my leftover curry. I left it on top of my fridge at about 73 degrees in a sealed ziploc, then cooked it today and it was PERFECT. It puffed up big and round and when I pressed it down with the spatula it developed all of those classic brown spots on it. I was so happy and proud! <br/><br/>Moral of the story: if you are able to, make the dough a day in advance.

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ashleyshell May 30, 2014

I use this recipe all the time, we all love it. If I have enough milk and eggs in the house I will substitute these. Swap salt for garlic salt too, just an extra little flavour to go with the rice and butter chicken.

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Tanya S. May 25, 2014
Super Easy Naan Bread