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I have Bisquick's little cookbook (the one you could get at the grocery checkout) and have made this recipe many times. It's yummy, and couldn't be any easier. Thanks for posting. My cookbook is getting tattered. LOL

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arroz241_11561377 March 05, 2012

Enjoyed this great pie!!! It is just too easy, I will definitely make this again! Thanks!

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TLu February 22, 2009

Yes super easy but I still screwed up! I made this twice! I was rushed the first time yes the second time too! I softened the butter in the mircowave oven. Proceeded to make and bake the recipe. The next day found the butter still in the microwave oven! :0! So I made it again. The second pie came out higher then the first. I didn`t try the second because we left before dessert was served! I had the first one (without butter)at home and must say it was Delish! Moist!

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Rita~ February 20, 2006

Wow! This is so good my husband and I were picking at it with our fingers 20 minutes out of the oven! I was looking for something coconutty with eggs to use up some surplus eggs from my happy little flock and oh my goodness! This is an egg-season keeper!!

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kathleengp@windstream.net June 07, 2015

I have to say that this recipe deserves 5 stars just because it is soooo stupid easy. I was looking for a stress free killer desert for the holidays. On top of that we are both diabetic so I wanted something that I could get as low carb as possible. So with that in mind, I just had to try this recipe. I substituted the sugar for Splenda and added a teaspoon of coconut extract to make sure that the pie had enough flavor as one of the reviews that I read some where said that the pie was eggy and did not have a lot of flavor. That surely was not my experience. I did make a few mistakes. I almost forgot to add the butter and had to add it in to the pie after it was in the pie pan and I started the pie on the middle rack. After 45 minutes of cooking the pie was not even close to being done so I moved it down to the bottom rack and cooked it for another 10 minutes. It browned and was done in this amount of time. I was afraid that with the Splenda that it would not brown but it did. We had the pie for desert that night and my husband ate 3/4 of the pie by himself and stated that it was holiday approved. Thank you for posting this and making my hubby a very happy man. Just a note for anyone else that needs to be concerned about sugar, I will buy unsweetened coconut and steep it a Splenda simple sugar like solution to further reduce the added sugar. I just wish there was a substitute for the Bisquick or flour part but oh well it is for the holidays. Even diabetics need a little sweet now and then. Be assured that this will be a holiday tradition from now on.

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livingstonfran October 09, 2012
Super Easy Impossible Coconut Custard Pie