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I tried the recipe last night; it's fabulous!So much better than commercial products. Since my hair is short, I used 1/4 cup mayo, 1 tablespoon olive oil and one egg.( I think using 1/8 cup mayo would have been plenty.) I added a few drops of lavendar essential oil to the mix. I plastered my hair with it and put on a plastic shower cap. Over that I put on a hair towel and slept with that on. It stayed on about 12 hours and then I rinsed it out. I shampooed twice, as I wanted to make sure I got the mixture out. I used some bottled hair conditioner, just to make it easier to comb through wet. I dried and styled my hair and it feels great. It's a lot softer and I have less dry pieces and frizzies all around. My hair is thick, coarse and color-treated. No other conditioner or hair oil has helped. I highly recommend this recipe! :)

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CaryLPC April 02, 2010

Worked extremely well. My hair was very damaged and now my hair is very soft and silky after just one use.

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kawaiifaerie July 08, 2011

I want to say thank you for this recipe!!! It has tremendously done wonders to my scalp and hair. My scalp used to have a helmet of dandruff or sores.:( I've used the conditioner three times and my scalp is healthier with only a very small quarter size spot of dandruff. And the shine is outstanding!!!! Thanx a million, Shanelle ferguson

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shanellepatrick November 17, 2009

here is a way i do use this.... brush hair first, then use a big toothed comb (kind you use with conditioner in shower) & spread the mixture through my hair all the way to the end... next i either bard or twist my hair & clip it with a barrette on top of my head then put a shower cap on topthen take a hot wash cloth wrung out & put it on top then follow with a dry towel. when done i jut take everything off & step into the shower & let the water rinse of very warm water & comb through just like i was conditionoing.. then follow with a cold rinse... hope this helps some others out there as it helps be able to really rinse the hair out with the very warm water to be able to comb through.. also i like to take a relaxing soak bath while waiting to treatmet & ican always use the rinse the tub out at the same time with the shower afterwards...

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Littlemomma July 13, 2006

Worked wonderfully - my hair looked like Rachel Green's after I washed and styled it :)

I washed and conditioned after I let it sit for a couple hours but it still felt great after.

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EowynJones April 19, 2011

this treatment worked great! I conditioned my hair shortly after to get rid of the potato salad smell on my head, and my hair looks and feels amazing!!! Would recommend this treatment to anyone, with an advisement of a brief application of a scented conditioner to eliminate the smell :) will be using this treatment bi-monthly.

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jenni80 December 24, 2010

This works great! If your mayo and eggs are cold a quick way to warm them up instead of a microwave is to run some warm water in the sink and set your mixing bowl in while stirring together. Just enough water so that bowl doesn't float or tip over. I put a couple drops of essential oil in to get rid of salad smell.

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ChefAllieM February 24, 2010

This worked so poorly for me I cannot believe it worked well for anyone else. Maybe because you've never had manageable hair???? My hair used to be soft and manageable, but ever since I got blonde highlights it has been dry and difficult to comb after I wash it. I have always used a lot of conditioner, and it used to make my hair extra soft and very easy to comb through, but now it's impossible.

My hair is longer than it ever has been and since I got the highlights it is just ridiculous, so I've been trying different deep conditioners and hair masks. I don't have a lot of money so I use the cheaper brands like Pantene and Dove and Neutrogena, but none of them have made my hair any softer or easier to manage. I've heard of people using mayo and other household ingredients to condition their hair so I came online looking for a recipe. I read all the reviews before I tried this, and only one of them made me a bit wary.

I was willing to put up with the smell in exchange for the supposed benefit, but now I am just angry. As soon as I started rinsing it out I noticed my hair felt more course than it did before. It wasn't soft or silky at all. Because the texture was the exact opposite of what I was trying to achieve, I decided to shampoo and condition it as normal in attempt to get the awful smell out. I used TWICE as much conditioner as I normally do (which is already A LOT) and I still can't pull a comb through it. It's disgusting. I don't know if the treatment will make my hair appear shinier because it hasn't dried yet, but I don't even care if it does or not. I am just upset that so many people wrote good reviews about this.

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talaska February 21, 2013

I LOVE this recipe! I found this while googling for a homemade conditioner that won't break the bank. I have REALLY dry damaged hair. I bleached my hair on numerous occasions over the year and my hair is pretty much dead. I recently dyed my hair a darker color to make it look more natural, and it looked horrible. It was frizzy and just fried looking. I must admit that I was a skeptic, even after reading all of the other reviews. I just knew that I would be one of the ones that it didn't work for. I figured I don't really have anything to lose and tried it. I was hoping for the best and expecting the worst. I must admit that I am extremely pleased with the results. My hair is soft and shiny and more manageable. My ends are still a little frizzy, but nothing a trim and another application of this can't fix. My husband even noticed how much better my hair looks. My plans were to leave this on all day, but life as a mom kicked in and my plans were foiled. I ended up leaving it on for an hour and a half. The only thing I don't like about it is when it starts warming up from your body temp, it melts and runs down your head and face. Even with a shower cap on, it was all over the place. I rolled some tissue and tucked it under the edges of the shower cap, but that didn't help much either. I finally ended up wrapping a towel around my head and the shower cap. That seemed to work, but my towel was greasy afterwards. The smell is awful too, so I took the advice of other reviewers and followed up with my regular conditioner once it was all washed out. That took care of the smell. And as others said, this makes A LOT of finished product. It was just enough for me, but I have very thick, very long hair. For those with short or thin hair, I would recommend cutting this recipe in half or even 1/3. I will definitely be incorporating this into my hair care routine from now on! The only thing I regret is that I didn't find this recipe sooner!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING!!!

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JessiMarie November 28, 2012

I actually made an account because I am so upset with the results. I used about 1/2 cup mayo, roughly 2 tablespoons olive oil, and then 1 egg. I also kept it in about 2 hours. I was expecting greasy hair at the ending and it was the complete opposite!! My hair is dryer and more coarse then I have ever had it in my life. It feels like a wig. It doesn't even deserve a star to me.

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nicole444 August 19, 2012
Super Duper Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair