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I was a little unsure of these when I opened them up and tried them. They were yummy but not crunchy like everyone was saying and I was sure I did something wrong. Duh. Put them in the fridge and they were just as yummy as everyone was saying. My 'brine' turned cloudy and I have some garlic cloves that turned blue (yes, blue! I have no idea!!) but still yummy! I'm moving the current batch to smaller jars and letting the CSA know I'm ready for more cukes!

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Krista Smith July 28, 2009

This was such an easy and carefree recipe to try! I like that I didn't have to have my oven on to make them--this freed up room for other preserving I was doing. At first I was a little worried about the whole spoiling aspect of this style of 'cooking' but I think the high level of vinegar can kill just about anything. I think next time I'll try them without any garlic because I stuffed 3 cloves in and the flavor was a little strong but that was my own variation not the recipe. My picky 4 year old son, a pickle conessiour, loved them. We had a really hot day on one of the days and the jar acually sealed come morning. Thanks for sharing! I will defintely make this many more times in the future! Saeriu

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Saeriu September 01, 2009

The day after I made these (while they were sunning on my deck rail), I went to a Schwaben picnic. The Schwaben is a club for German immigrants. I mentioned the 'new' recipe I was trying and was quickly assured that the recipe is older than time. It's how it was done when they were children in the old country (these ladies are in their 80's and 90's). They assured me that the old ways are the best ways and I would like them. And I REALLY do! They are addictive. These pickles are super easy to make, have wonderful flavor and crunch, but are very, very salty. Before I started the recipe, I read the reviews stating they were salty, but I didn't reduce the salt, since I wasn't sure if it would ruin the recipe. What I did after determining they were too salty was to drain the brine and replace it with the vinegar and water called for without the salt. It did help some. That being said, they aren't so salty that I won't make them again. I truely like them.

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Deb Wolf August 11, 2009

This was a fun way to make great dill pickles! Best dill pickles I've ever made. Thanks a bunch!

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Chris' cuisine September 12, 2009

These are great! I left them out an extra day because of lack of sunshine. They are crispy and fantastic and addicting. I will be making more of them! Thanks for sharing!

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Mrs. Moon August 31, 2009

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Today is only day 3 + a few hours, but I just couldn't wait. The guys were out baling hay so I snitched the top pickle in the jar, put it in the fridge for a couple of hours to chill and OMG. Excellent I have not make pickles in 5 years because they were always soft. This recipe is a keeper for sure!! I did use distilled water because I was afraid my tap water (well water but softened) might cause a problem. Thanks again, and if you know the little old lady in Wisconsin, big hugs to her from me and mine.

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tlt133 August 27, 2009

The best I have ever tasted. I added some crushed red pepper to the jar. Really, really tasty!!

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55tbird August 23, 2009

Wow!!! I told my finicky husband that I was making these and he frowned. How could I leave cucumbers outside for that long and expect him to eat them??? Well, once he started on them, he couldn't stop! In fact, everyone loved them so much that I very quickly made a second batch. My first batch was made with dried dill because I had some and didn't want to go to the store. It worked fine, but could have used more dill flavor. For the next batch, I used real dill and what a difference! I also added red pepper flakes to both batches, adding even more to the second batch. Wonderful! These stay crisp and delicious in the fridge. Thanks so much for posting!!!

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Chef Lizzie August 19, 2009

these were great, my family loved them and they were super easy. I ment to review these last year,can't wait to make more this year.

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jln's mom July 08, 2009

Notes: Follow recipe exactly. Don't taste your pickles until they are evenly colored or evenly translucent throughout. Check pickle jar daily. If scum forms on the brine surface, it is yeast growth and needs to be removed to avoid spoilage.

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Molly53 July 07, 2009
Sunshine Dill Pickles