Sunshine Dill Pickles

Total Time
96hrs 15mins
15 mins
96 hrs

Years ago, our family received a jar of these as a house-warming gift when we moved. My five brothers and I made very short work of that jar--we loved 'em! My mother has made several hundred gallons of these over the years. And I still make at least one gallon every summer....and a few times I've even "canned" them (transferred to quart jars or left in the gallon jar) after they've gotten their sun-tan. They keep for MONTHS in the back of the fridge, or for longer if you "can" them. My folks refer to these as "Gramma Smart Pickles" --after the little old lady who lived next door in Eagle, Wisconsin.

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  1. In a gallon glass jar with a tight-fitting lid, place a layer of dill in the bottom, then a layer of cukes; add garlic cloves if desired.
  2. Keep layering dill & cukes to the neck of the jar; finish with a layer of dill.
  3. Add vinegar and salt to the top of the jar; fill with cold tap water.
  4. Cover and screw on tightly (add a doubled over square of wax paper or plastic wrap if you like, too).
  5. Give the jar a few good shakes to distribute the salt.
  6. Set in a sunny spot outside for four days; mark the calendar with the "due date."
  7. Turn the jar slightly each day (for an even tan); leave out an extra day if rainy or cloudy.
  8. Chill and eat.
  9. IDEA: Add green or red pepper slices along with the dill for a taste explosion!
  10. SUGGESTION: When scrubbing the fresh cukes, sort-as-you-go into piles of uniform size. This makes filling the jar go much quicker--looks prettier too.