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It's not just for canines anymore! I made these for my dogs, but being a liver lover, I just couldn't resist the smell. Makes great trail food for those of us who spend days in the bush.

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harbqll September 03, 2006

Three out of three dogs say thank you, RecipeNut. They love this stuff! I have to say it was an act of love to make this. It looks and smells WAY too much like liver. I baked this in a 9"x13" baking sheet and left out garlic of any kind. I've found mixed opinions on how and when it's toxic to dogs, so I'm taking no chances. They really do look like brownies, but no crumbs. And, as I said, my three pooches were putty in my hands.

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sugarpea December 22, 2003
Sunshine Calf or Pork Liver " Brownies "