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This dish was okay, but I think it needs a little tweaking. The presentation is beautiful, but I found the carrot flavour overwhelmed the dish. If I were to make this again, I would cut the amount of carrots in half and do thicker layers of potato. (To be fair, I used my food processor to slice everything--as I normally do with scalloped potatoes--but perhaps I would have got more potato flavour if I'd cut things by hand.) I think I might try adding some herbs as well--parsley or rosemary could work very nicely. I would also like a creamier sauce--but perhaps this is my fault as I used 1% milk. I baked this in a medium but deep casserole and so had to turn up the heat and increase the time. I baked it for 90 minutes at 400 and I think it could have stayed in a little longer yet. This did go nicely with the roasted ham I served it with.

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piseag March 28, 2011
Sunset Scallop - Potatoes and Carrots