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this was a great recipe, a little sweet when its all done, id recommend cutting back on the cider vinegar ( i think thats what made it a little sugary) maybe use half water instead, and dont start this unles you have all afternoon available! but otherwise it tasted great!

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booper January 22, 2002

FABULOUS! This recipe was fantastic - the filling was PERFECT and the sauce was just as good - I spiced it up a bit more by adding more jalapeno's to the sauce and some hot sauce to the filling! Even better the next day! GREAT recipe! Worth the time it took to put it together!

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greyghost May 21, 2002

My family loved this. Admittedly, it was time consuming to make, but then I knew that going into it. Worth the time and effort. I wouldn't change a thing.

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Bogey'sMom June 23, 2002

He's right!! he did get it!!!I'm from Rockville Md. which used to have a Tippy's Taco House(toucan taco)which closed when i moved to La. and I've tried everywhere to find a burrito as good a tippy's.I follwed Millers recipe but for the filling only,and with a few add on's the blend came out precise!! Many thanks to Miller for allowing me to enjoy a tippy's burrito anytime I need one. God bless, Keith Zibrat,Baton Rouge

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circuitman240 March 14, 2009

Gosh, Miller, I really hesitated making this review because I have to say this is the first recipe of yours that I was not totally pleased with. I followed your ingredient list exactly. I only left out the recaito, which was listed as optional, in the filling. The filling had a good taste but I felt the addition of flour gave it a "pasty" consistency which wasn't needed. My main problem was with the gravy. I felt it was far too sweet and tasted more like barbeque sauce. It was not like any mexican gravy I have had before. I think we would have liked it better if we had just left out the cider vinegar and molasses. I served it with sour cream and that helped to cut the sweet taste down a bit. This recipe was very time consuming and I had high expectations, given the rave reviews, but overall I was disappointed. Sorry!

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Susie in Texas November 18, 2004
Sunken Meat Burrito