Sunday Supper Posole (Mexican Stew)

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READY IN: 2hrs 15mins
Recipe by MadCity Dale

This recipe has been served at the Northside Farmers Market the last 4 years. My friend, Sergio Corona, Lunch Chef at Rossario’s, showed me this recipe and the 2 of us have served each year at the”Cinco de Mayo” celebration the first Sunday in May. It is a pretty authentic recipe except, we felt the pigs foot in the center of each bowl on top the Posole stew and covered with shredded cabbage would be a little too much for Gringos. So we say we use pork neck bones. Above garnish or finish is the correct custom of his family from Jalisco, Mexico. (Sunday Supper Posole (Mexican Stew))

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  1. Rehydrate dried chili’s by boiling in 2 cups water for 1 hour. Run through blender and set aside.
  2. Brown Pork loin in lard or Crisco. You probably rarely use lard in your everyday diet, so just DO IT (things in moderation are OK)!
  3. Drain and rinse well hominey.
  4. Add water to a large heavy stock pot. ADD neck bones(or pigs feet), onions, garlic, salt and bay leaf.
  5. Simmer 2 hour and add, chopped celery, browned pork, dried chili/liquid, and hominey.
  6. Add corn 10 minutes before finish. Garnish with a cooked Pigs Foot on top of Posole covered with shredded Cabbage and sliced Radish.

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