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If this is how Italians eat on a Sunday I want to come back as "Tony" in my next life! This was so simple to put together, and everything worked. The meatballs, the sauce, the Italian sausage. I served this over a bed of linguini along with garlic bread. The sauce clung perfectly to every strand of pasta. One of my guests said it was like eating in a little Italian restaraunt in New York. Thank you Richard, for sharing this heritage recipe with us and taking us to the Bronx for one memorable meal!

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yooper October 27, 2002

I don't know why, but I decided that after almost 20 years of making my mom's recipe, I felt like a change. Made this today, Sunday, for dinner. Simmered longer, but otherwise followed the recipe. It is close to my mom's but not quite it. Her meatballs have parsley and Italian seasoning and she doesn't dredge. These meatballs were good, but I think I am used to hers :) The gravy (or sauce as I call it) was wonderful...again, close to mom's, except this one has no salt or pepper (which I admit I thought was odd, but I didn't add it!) or cheese in it. So, after the novel I just wrote, I still think this is very deserving of 5 stars. The whole family loved it, didn't really notice much of a difference and they are soooo glad there are leftovers! Served over linguine with garlic bread.

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Karen=^..^= November 17, 2002

We loved this dish! Simple enough for just the two of us, or elegant enough for entertaining. I served it with linguine, a green salad, and garlic bread. It reminded us of a dish you would be served in a local italian restaurant. The ingredients meshed so well together. No trouble at all to make, and the results are so impressive. Richard has hit the mark again. If you are on the fence with this one, don't regard this as another spaghetti/meatballs dish, it is much more.

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bratty November 03, 2002

After hearing Richard wax rhapsodic about this recipe in person, and reading all the wonderful reviews (except for Karen's, which was just posted), how could I NOT try this out? In a word: YOWZA! Just a few changes -- after sauteeing the garlic and onions in a saucepan I dumped all the sauce ingredients into my crockpot. I made up the meatballs (without the cheese) and just plopped those right into the sauce, no browning them first. No Italian sausage in the vicinity, so I used some hot Moroccan sausage. I started this all early in the morning, switched the crockpot on low and went off to work, swearing all the time I could smell it cooking across town. About 9 hours later I came home to find 2 Dornettes and various friends drooling in the living room. It was torture waiting for the pasta to cook, but we were well rewarded with the most astounding weeknight dinner we've had in a long time. My vegetarian Dornette practically wept with frustration, but still managed to stick to her principles in spite of the most amazing aroma coming off our dinner table. I've got plans to double, even triple the recipe and keep batches of it in the freezer for those times when I need my fix! I may even take pity on veggie-daughter and make up a batch with soy meat and soy sausage. Yo Richard, you really know what you're talking about!

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Mirj November 18, 2002

Wow Richie this was Magnifico! Made this Sunday for Monday nights dinner allowing the flavors to mend together. Only thing I did differently was add about 1/2 cup of vino. (you know me) and did not add the italian sausage only because my picky family wont eat it. (mental not find new family). lol. This recipe takes a little time but well worth it. This recipe also makes a lot so is great for large gatherings or freezing. Thank you Richard. Now aren't you glad you shared? :0)

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Just Cher November 05, 2002

This is a nice one. I used merguez (spicy Moroccan sausage), a little more garlic, and some white cooking wine. My only complaint is that it is a lot more time consuming than my usual (similar) recipe and I didn't detect much of a flavor difference. Regardless, it was very tasty! Thanks Richard.

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Miraklegirl January 26, 2003

I was curious about "Sunday Gravy" after hearing about it on a TV show. I have no Italian blood in me, but for a family get-together, I decided to try this for fun. Wow! I never thought a spaghetti dinner would be such a hit!! I followed the recipe to the tee (opted for the sweet sausage), just added some fresh chopped basil from my garden and a couple tsp. of sugar (always do with Italian sauces). Served over thin spaghetti with simple sides of garlic bread and salad. Thanks Richard!! I will be adding this to my go-to's for great Italian dishes.

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boomerthepug June 12, 2010

Excellent recipe. My best friend's grandmother was Sicilian and made this for us whenever we came over to visit her. Tasted just like her authentic sauce. CabinKat, How about you actually follow the recipe as described? You might of liked it better...

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crowntown2007 March 13, 2009

Mr. Man! Wonderful, simply wonderful. I crumbled the meat and the Italian sausage up in my sauce as I wanted to use leftovers for lasagna. I used my own dried oregano from this year's garden. Also added twice as much garlic and added fresh basil at the end. We were dunking bread in the pot. Good stuff, can't wait for the lasagna.

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riffraff September 01, 2003

I can't even tell you how many times I have made this. This has taken the place of our family recipe! It tastes like it came out of a restaurant! Thank you so much for sharing! Meatballs were just to wonderful and the sausage...So good! We don't wait for Sunday!

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Big Sis December 11, 2014
Sunday Gravy