Sunburn Relief

Total Time
3 mins
15 mins

Hopefully you don't need to used this but try it if you do. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Call your doctor immediately if there are signs of shock or heat exhaustion, such as: dizziness, rapid pulse, rapid breathing, nausea, fever, or chills, severe skin blisters, extreme thirst.

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  1. Run a bath with lukewarm water. Place the baking soda under the running water. Toss the tea bags right into the tub and soak for relief.
  2. Do not scrub your skin or shave.
  3. Do not apply any creams, butter, petroleum jelly or any other greasy substance to a sunburn. They only cause more damage by trapping the heat and can make a burn deeper. The sunburn will heal faster if left exposed to the air.