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This recipe just caught my eye...ever since I had my son, I crave spicy foods and sweet and hot is especially good! I found those tiny dried peppers(in the Mexican section) and used those with a little powdered chipotle...Talk about wonderful. This winter was a little low on the sunshine (Oregon) so I just warmed in the microwave once a day or every other. It is still sitting in my window box -it is lovely and tastes like heaven... thank you so much for posting!

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me & alex February 17, 2007

I made this for gifts at work this year, so had to make a very large batch. I poured everything into a large jar and set it out to infuse. Perhaps because the weather was cooler than usual this year, nothing much seemed to happen. Not spicy enough for me, and I expected a nice red color too, which didn't happen (maybe it wasn't supposed to). Once I added cayenne, we were good to go. My main problem in doing a large batch is that the straining part is very messy and difficult - but that was my choice to do it that way so can't fault the recipe. Everyone was interested and excited to receive the honey, so it was a good, different gift to give - just not sure I'll ever do it in large batches again.

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LorenLou December 27, 2005

After impatiently waiting for this to infuse, I couldn't wait to try it on some cornbread. Fabulous! (For me it was just right without adding the cayenne)--thanks, Paula!

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echo echo October 23, 2005
Sun Chile Honey