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i've never had gazpacho and don't know what it's *supposed* to taste like so i was going on the theory of "does it taste good? then it's not wrong" i have to admit i didn't think much of this at first. it was rather watery and tasted like nothing but salt, cucumbers, and garlic. i let it chill overnight and a strange thing happened: most of the liquid sunk to the bottom and i was left with a much thicker, creamier, and taster soup on top so i just ladled it off and called it a win. cold soup seems like such a strange thing in western culture. i can't think of anything besides chip dip that is salty and cold but this was rather nice once i got over my wierdness. think will experiment with it more in the summer, maybe add some sun-dried tomatoes or roasted red pepper bits for texture and colour. this was fun, thanks!

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spiritussancto April 06, 2010

I've made this twice now (not bothering with the toppings) and it's delicious! Maybe not quite as refreshing as the tomato-based gazpacho because of the yogurt, but *so* tasty. Thanks for posting.

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l'ecole August 04, 2015

My new favorite summer soup! Zurie, I can't give this enough stars! I read the reviews after the 4 of us demolished ALL of the soup. I only made it an hour before serving. I kept the whisk in the bowl so I just recombined but didn't notice much separation. I used green habanero sauce instead of tabasco which is red. ;) I added over a tsp before I noticed it. I used the blender for most of it then whisked in the yogurt. I used Better Than Bouillon Vegetable base which dissolved in cold water instead of chicken broth. Absolutely delicious! I made this to go with BLT's. I baked the bacon with Pepino's Green Sauce. I can see making several batches to serve a houseful of guests this summer. THANK YOU! :)

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Elmotoo June 09, 2013

What a delicious cold soup for a hot day! Definitely make this a day or two ahead of time. I used a red onion, as I did not have a sweet one. Also, I used my own kefir, rather than the yogurt. I'll strain it a bit next time to make it more greek-yogurt-like, but it worked well as is. I had only about 1/4 inch of clear liquid at the bottom of my quart container the following day. I topped this off with some kefir cream - kefir made with heavy cream rather than milk - very yummy. I like the idea of adding some garlic, and I think that fresh dill might be very nice with this, as well.

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duonyte May 30, 2013

Today was the second time I madke Summery Green Gazpacho and everybody wanted the recipe! The first time I made it I didn't like it. The next day I ate it and it was delicious; I guess that is the secret. I love cold soups, but rarely make one that I like. Yours, Zuretha, is a big winer! Thank you so much for sharing.

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MrsK May 18, 2013
Summery Green Gazpacho