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I liked the recipe and mine turned out delicious but I changed up the recipe a bit. From another recipe I saw rosemary which is what taste I was going for and added dried rosemary leaves and minced fresh garlic to the herb mixture in the olive oil. Also rather than using all veggies, I only had red potatoes. I roasted the chicken first and then added the potatoes with whole cloves of garlic cut up and made another batch of herbs and olive oil to add to the potatoes. I think I ended up cooking it longer because the potatoes didn't want to cook fully but I had enough to serve with dinner. My husband loved it and asked me if I was feeling ok since I never cook. He reminded me of what my mother always says about me "when she puts her mind to it, she does very well." It was nice to sit down and eat all that I had cooked because it turned out so delicious. Thank you for getting me started.

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QuirkyMelma December 27, 2002

Hy husband went gaga over this one. Thanks for sharing, I had been looking for a good roast chicken recipe. I made it as is except shoved a few cloves of garlic under the skin of the chicken. I added the quartered potatoes about 20 minutes after the chicken went in to make sure that they were done when the chicken was. I'm going to have to use a smaller rack next time because some of my veggies fell thru the cracks. This one is a keeper.

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DDW January 08, 2003

O.K., folks. If you're looking for a wonderfully flavored, moist, tender, "Oh, my - is this good or what?" chicken, look no farther. The potatoes need more than 30-45 minutes given in the recipe to fully cook. Last time we made this, I doubled the recipe for oil mixture, put the spuds in at the beginning and liberally coated them with the oil and herbs. The potatoes came out wonderfully crusty and flavorful. Di, you're a winner and so is this recipe!!!!

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Rumpole January 17, 2008

My family didn't mind this recipe, but the lemon was a bit much in parts of the chicken. I found some of it quite tasty, but others either very lemony or bland. Sorry to say I probably won't make it again.

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clucuik December 29, 2004

'Sort of' made this to order.:) I was not sure what I wanted, but this was a fabulous base for me to work from. I added shallot to the cavity and a little soy sauce to the oil/herb mixture because I was told adding a little soy helps color the chicken, which it did. I completely forgot to add salt and pepper, and I usually use alot of salt and pepper. We didn't even miss it, this was so flavorful and moist. I didn't add the veggies, but only because I already had side dishes planned. And in my oven, the 4# chicken took 70 minutes to cook. I let it 'rest' 10. Thanks NurseDi and thanks to DDW for recommending this recipe in "Talk". :)

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GinnyP October 23, 2003

I love this recipe. I had it pre computer days and lost it. Thanks.

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My Sweetie's Sweetheart May 29, 2013

This is a fantastic recipe! I used dried herbs since I didn't have any fresh on hand. I mixed half of the herbs with butter and stuffed it under the skin and the rest mixed it with oil to brush on the outside. For the veggies, I used only carrots and thew in an onion and a lemon and a few cloves of garlic (whole with skin on). And I made a delicious jus by deglazing the pan, lovely flavours of the lemon and the herbs! I used a 3.5 lbs chicken but I cooked it a bit longer than stated, for about an hour, and it turned out perfect for us. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe, this one is a keeper!

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Aaliyah's&Aaron'sMum December 26, 2008

I doubled the recipe to make extra, and my family really enjoyed it. Thanks!

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Gatorchef July 16, 2008

Just wonderful! I made it with dry herbs because I didn't have fresh ones, and with cut up chicken because I didn't have a whole one and because my kids get freaked out when we carve one up. I also doubled the recipe because I was planning to serve a crowd. The only other (!) change I made was to bake it for longer than called for and to cover the pan for the last hour, since my family likes chicken soft and well-done. The result was delicious: the meat was tasty but not overpoweringly herby, the veggies were tender and delicious, and the meat just fell off the bones. It is great in the summer, but I think it would be great all year round. THANKS!

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Sarah Chana July 14, 2007

This was really delicious. I cut two garlic cloves in half and put them into the cavity of the chicken along with the lemon quarters. I cut 4 baking potatoes into quarters, along with some carrots and parsnips and scattered them around the chicken in the roasting pan, then about an hour later added a few sweet potatoes. I had tossed all the vegetables with some olive oil and herbs before putting them into the pan. This was one of the nicest chicken dinners I have cooked. My husband really enjoyed it and the chicken was really moist, with a lovely flavour. The vegetables were roasted just nicely. All in all it made for a fantastic dinner! Thanks!

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MarieRynr September 25, 2004
Summer Herb Roast Chicken