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this is so good and easy i made it for my freinds after dinner served it with custard brandy peppermint sticks on my white and gold trim dessert plates with crystel glass with red cherrie liqurie everyone just throught it was really alganet i had to all the ladys at dinner i got this recpeie from an old freind in newzealand am glad that there are many out there with freind like mine happy valtine

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eyesangel February 10, 2009

I made this wonderful terrine months ago and never rated it! It was absolutely fabulous, not to mention beautiful. Everyone was so impressed at how lovely this turned out, and they thought it looked much more difficult than it actually was! Since I was serving this to my children, I made it with cranberry juice rather than the sparkling rose wine. Pay special attention to instruction 3, because you do want the more beautiful pieces of fruit to be visible on top when you remove it from the pan. Thank you, FT, for posting this delicious dish!

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Annisette November 08, 2008
Summer Fruits Terrine or Bodacious Berries in Wine Jelly!