Summer fruit pie

READY IN: 40mins
Recipe by AdriMicina

A simple friut pie, but gorgeous when summer fruit is at its best, great as a conclusion to a light lunch or as a tea-snack on the porch (even though I don't have one I suppose that it could really make it perfect! ;>)

Top Review by ellie_

Because of the problems I had with this recipe due to conversions from metric to US and also ingredient equivalents I am not going to rate it at this point. Problem 1: I think that the puff pastry sheet may be a different size that the poster used -- I used Peppridge Farm frozen and there is no way that after putting in the pan (8-inch square) and putting on the fruit on it could it fold over the fruit. I also never used puff pastry before which may have added to the problem. Problem 2: I wasn't sure of the equivalent to sweet biscut crumbs so I used biscotti crumbs (I have a feeling they may not be equivalent). Problem 3: sugar equivalents -- there didn't seem to be enough sugar to sweeten the fruit. So how I made this desert was putting the pastry in the 8-inch pan, covered it with the crumbs and put the fruit over it, sprinkled with one tablespoon sugar, baked for 30 minutes at 400- degrees. Since I knew I didn't make the desert as directed I skipped the jelly part at the end. Desert was okay but basically it was barely sweetened fruit over a crust. I think it would have been better and we would have enjoyed it more if I was familiar with how puff pastry worked and the equivalents/subsitutions to US.

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  1. wash and pat dry fruit, stone it, slice it and put it in a bowl with the sugar (less 1 tbsp) line a 20-22 cm pie tin with the pastry and prick with a fork.
  2. spread crumbs over the base, pour fruit (but not the juice or it will soak the pastry) and fold pastry over fruit filling brush pastry with 1 tbsp milk mixed with the tbsp sugar left and bake in preheated oven 200°C for 25 minutes let cool slightly, melt jelly with 1 tsp water and brush fruit with it.
  3. let cool completely and serve with vanilla sauce or ice-cream.

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