Summer Cucumber Salad - Spicy

Recipe by CIAone

Slight twist on the classic. Uses garlic and red pepper to boost the bite a bit! Watch how much onion you use as too much will overpower the cukes.

Top Review by kay_phase

I used this recipe when I had way too many cucumbers that needed to be re-purposed. I loved the thin slices with the mandolin, but I only had time to press them twice (I used paper towels instead of wax paper to get them more dry), and they were still a little soggy. I also added green peppers, diced, and omitted the dill b/c of by boyfriend's extreme aversion to it. For the dressing, I used equal parts mayo/greek yogurt/sour cream and added some acidity with lemon juice and a dash of white vinegar. The spicy garlic flavor made this dish refreshingly different from other cucumber salad recipes - overall pretty darn tasty!

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  1. Peal cukes in stripes leaving some green.
  2. On a mandolin slice very thin the cukes, place in large bowl.
  3. Dust with sea salt.
  4. (You must press and drain the cukes or you will have a watery mess).
  5. Place wax paper on cuke slices.
  6. Place a plate on top of cukes and a weight on top of that. ( Tea kettle, Cans etc.).
  7. Every 20 mins or so, drain the cukes, mix and re-salt. Replace the weights.
  8. Do this at least 3 times, more if you are patient.
  9. Meanwhile, peal a small onion and slice very thin on a mandolin. Place in a bowl and wait for cukes to dehydrate.
  10. When cukes are ready, mix with onions, mayo, sour cream, garlic, parsley, dill, cayenne and S & P to taste.
  11. Mix well and let sit for 10 minutes.
  12. Drain off a bit of the liquid.
  13. Cover and refrigerate.
  14. Before serving, mix all and drain more liquid away.
  15. Serve.
  16. NOTE: Play with the amount of mayo/sour cream to your taste. Also garlic and cayenne pepper as liked.

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