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I'm rating this as I make it, not as described though I use same ingredients. I don't make ahead as the cabbage gets mushy and I strongly recommend buying Albertson's shredded cabbage, for some reason it just tastes so much better than when you chop your own. It's actually one of my favorite salads! It doesn't matter what flavor Ramen you use as you discard the flavor packet anyway. We buy a case at Costco for about $3 and it lasts us a while... I put dressing & salad (almonds, ramen, sesame) in a bag & shake it up just before serving. There are never any leftovers... Don't try to save it if there are, it doesn't keep. Very yummy stuff!

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Babychops January 31, 2009

Great salad! I seriously love it... it's addicting. I have eaten leftovers for breakfast several times because it's that good! It makes a great light lunch as well... and hey, you can throw in some cooked chicken and serve it with bread for a complete meal.

The proportions are just right on the dressing. I love it right after making it or as leftovers... the noodles get soft, but it doesn't bother me. The leftovers taste great the next day My husband preferred a similar recipe that called for a lot more almonds... so I'll use a lot more almonds next time.

I also sometimes toast the almonds in sugar instead of oil... it's really yummy.

Thanks for a great recipe.

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Chef TanyaW January 27, 2013

I loved this light, crunchy salad! It was easy to make and perfect for transporting. I've had similar recipes that call for as much as 1 cup of oil, which is WAAAY too much. The amounts listed here are right on. I skipped the Accent (msg) but otherwise made this as written. Thanx!

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*Parsley* June 29, 2012

The dressing was very good until I added the oil. 3/4 cup is WAY TOO MUCH.

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cedugan August 02, 2008
Sumi Salad (Asian Cabbage Salad)