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I love steamed dumplings, and while making these, the meat mixture smelled fantastic. Flavor wise, they were delicious. However, for me, I just can't handle that much salt. A tablespoon of salt combined with the fish sauce definitely was waaaay too much, and I couldn't stand eating more than two before the salt took me out of the running. I will definitely be making these again, because again, the flavors were fantastic. I just will cut back on the salt next time.

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tkcuvelier October 08, 2010

Riff, these were my first foray into the world of steamed dumplings, and I will return! These were fabulous--so fresh-tasting with the cilantro and not overcooked at all! I used all tofu instead of pork/shrimp, since I don't eat pork, and they were just excellent. I did add just a bit of extra seasoning (more salt and sesame oil especially) since the tofu tastes a little bland on its own. Tasty litty balls of yumminess--LOL. Thanks for recommending this to me!

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spatchcock March 11, 2006
Sui Mai (Steamed Dumplings)