Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 5 mins

I got this recipe at a potluck 30 years ago, but I had a neighbor who made this 20 years earlier. She had been making them for 50 years before that. It's an old, old recipe. I've found that if the syrup is boiled to just softball or a little lower the coating will come out softer and creamier, more like fudge. Go to softball or just over and it's crunchier. Once I lost track and went to hardball and the coating turned clear and hard. But it was still good. This is the only Christmas candy I make anymore. DH says he knows it's fall when I get fresh nuts and make this.

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  1. Mix sugar, cream or milk and cinnamon in a small pan.
  2. Bring to a boil and boil without stirring to just barely the soft ball stage.
  3. Remove from heat and add nuts.
  4. Stir and stir.
  5. After a couple of minutes the syrup will cool enough and magically turn to sugar.
  6. Stir to break up the mass and turn onto a plate to finish cooling.
  7. Recipe can be doubled.


Most Helpful

This is EXCELLENT!!!!!!! Rather, OUTSTANDING! And, if there is anything better than OUTSTANDING, then this is that! I made this this evening for a party at home that I decided to throw in the afternoon after reading on the Boards that it is Chef Bev's(Auntie Bev's) birthday today! This recipe is soooooooooooo good, I am speechless at how good it turned out. It went like "hot cakes"! My guests wanted more and more and I used up "ALL" the walnuts in my house. LOL. I will henceforth have to buy several kilos of walnuts if I decide to make this:) Your instructions for this recipe are written very well. They were very easy to understand and perfect! I brought the syrup(sugar-milk-cinnamon) to the softball stage(took exactly "5 minutes" on low flame). I made sure to note down the timing so it could be of help to those who give this recipe a try in the future and for myself as well. After removing it from heat and stirring in the nuts, I noticed that once again, the syrup took exactly "5 minutes" to magically turn to sugar! You just have to watch it happen right there before your eyes, so very impressive! A sure keeper and it's into my recipe book. A whole ocean of THANK YOU'S to YOU for sharing this recipe. Your husband is really lucky to have you:) Time for an UPDATE! One of my cousin's visited us last week. He loves anything and everything on the sweet side. I served him these walnuts and he was crazy about them. He kept telling me, 'Charishma, very tasty, very tasty' and finished up half the box;) Thanks for posting!

Charishma_Ramchandani February 06, 2003

These were okay. Not exactly what I expected. I think I'd like this better on peanuts or pecans.

lovin2cook September 08, 2009

Oh my goodness!!!! I, too, am totally addicted!! I am known as a good cook and I don't hesitate to go to the internet for recipes and am totally delighted that I stumbled upon this recipe looking for a use for a couple of pounds of walnuts in my freezer that I could make some inexpensive treats for the office! I almost didn't try the recipe since I am not a candy thermometer or soft ball candy maker. But the reviews were so great I plunged in making a double batch - trying to remember how my mom so many years ago did the soft ball trick. It got to soft ball within 7 and a half minutes and then after stirring the nuts just turned magically into a kind of penuche covering!!! I only used half the cinnamon after reading some of the reviews and was delighted that I did since it was very cinnamony - to my taste. I think next time I will cook one batch at a time since my old senior citizen arm almost fell off stirring, stirring, stirring after adding the nuts... even though it was only for a few minutes! I will make this again and again and will not hesitate to gift it!! Thank you so much for sharing!

barbandted December 21, 2008

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