Sugared Walnuts

Recipe by Jo Ann L

I got this recipe from a student's process speech more than 30 years ago, and I've never found one I like better. A great Christmas gift, especially if you have a low-cost source for the nuts.

Top Review by EyeGuy

Downloaded this a couple years ago but just got around to making it. Very easy and straitforward with good results. I used Pecan halves. One bit of advise; work quickly to separate the nuts for a more polished appearance. Once the coating starts to cool, the separated pieces will glaze but pieces separated after the coating has cooled too much will have a rough appearance. They all taste wonderful though!!

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  1. Spread the walnuts out on a large cookie sheet; bake at 275° for about 15 minutes, stirring frequently.
  2. Remove from oven and set aside.
  3. Combine the sugar, water, cinnamon and salt in a 3 quart saucepan and cook to 236°, soft-ball stage, WITHOUT STIRRING. Note: Use a candy thermometer for exact temperature if at all possible. You get much better results.
  4. Remove from heat and stir in the vanilla and the nuts.
  5. Stir gently until the nuts are well coated and mixture has begun to cool down.
  6. Turn out onto a greased cookie sheet, separating any pieces that have clumped together.
  7. Cool completely.

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