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A wonderful way to dress up walnuts! The combination of spices was very unique and enjoyable. I did have some trouble getting my walnuts fully coated - I'm not sure whether this is because I had to use walnut pieces instead of halves, or whether the amounts listed were a little too conservative. This is my first time with a recipe like this so it may just be that I didn't try hard enough too! I'll definitely keep the recipe on file and see if maybe next time I can improve or improvise to make it perfect.

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queenofeats July 16, 2007

LOVE IT! perfect balance of sweet and mild spicy. doubled the recipe and covered the walnuts perfectly. cant wait to share some of the spoils with my neighbor who keeps sharing her walnuts with us.

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sassychassis November 28, 2010
Sugared Curry Walnuts