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I loved the idea of these as a beautiful element to adorn our holiday table. Though the directions are clear, these were a good deal more complicated to prepare. The cranberries were quite simple and easy to prepare. They easily went from the simple syrup to the sugar without incident. Set up rather nicely as well. The sage was more complicated and timing became a real issue. As it turns out there is a rather small window when the syrup is the right temperature to result in a beautiful garnish. Too hot and the syrup does not adhere to the leaf and you end with small bald patches. Too cool and the sugar clumps from the moisture. Rather tricky in execution. I ended up returning the syrup to warm a few times and changing out the sugar as well. (Start with a tablespoon or two that you can discard after a few leaves.)

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justcallmetoni November 22, 2007

Very decorative and easier to make than I would have expected. I only made the cranberries but as a decoration only I would love to use this method with holly one day. Thanks for this lovely recipe!

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Shuzbud December 21, 2009

I used this method to make sugared strawberries and they turned out beautifully. Very good and easy method for sugaring if you don't want to use egg whites. I will definitely use this method again.

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jdneamon July 16, 2009

I chose this recipe for my Sage theme Thanksgiving and am glad I did. They were BEAUTIFUL and TASTY. The sugar was enough to offset the sour cranberries. The sage leaves were interesting to try with sugar. I made these fast and easy although a little messy...I dumped the cranberries into the cooled sugar syrup and then rolled them in a bowl of sugar and laid them out on a paper plate...then dipped each sage leaf one by one into the syrup and rubbed them into the bowl of sugar. I let them dry at room temperature overnight then put them in a large ziploc bag on the paper plate. They transported well and lasted. Made for Zaar tag.

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Engrossed December 02, 2007
Sugared Cranberries and Sage Leaves