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Cook 15 mins

Going to a salon or buying sugar waxing kits are expensive. Try this recipe to make your own sugar wax for getting rid of unwanted body hair. Be careful not to burn yourself! Got this recipe here:


  1. Heat sugar until it carmalizes in a sauce pot.
  2. Let it cool until it reaches a thick, spreadable consistency. It should still be warm - not boiling hot.
  3. Spoon wax onto desired area and cover with piece of cotton cloth.
  4. Press down and pull quickly in the opposite direction of your hair growth.


Most Helpful

I could definitely see the potential in this sugar wax. I think I need to practice with it some, to have it really work well. But it did work, and it was nice how it didn't stick to my skin. I thought I was going to have a terrible mess when it came to cleaning up the pan I cooked it in, but it cleaned up nicely afer a short soak. I will work with this and I'm sure I'll be making it frequently. Thanks so much!

Julie F March 17, 2009

I have sensitive skin. I know I have sensitive skin. I know that I shouldn't do these things with sensitive skin, but apparently I have to remind myself. The sugar wax worked about as well as one would expect from a first-timer but my skin got *angry* despite my best efforts. Day one looked like poison ivy. Day two most of the red dots have faded to bruises aside for seven that look like infected ant bites. I waxed my armpits as well and oddly enough it worked much better there, no irritation whatsoever after the initial ouch calmed down.

Blue Eyes Willow November 06, 2010

This did not work as well as I'd hoped. I have used Moom sugaring kits in the past. I tried this to save money and used the cloth from the kit. I had to use bottled lemon juice just this once I wonder if that affects it? I simmered it until it was a light brown colour with a slight caramel smell. I think it was a little more than soft ball stage but I don't have a thermometer. I had to reheat it as it was really hard even when a tiny bit warm still. I think people should try this recipe and hopefully it works for them. Sugaring is the best over wax and shaving.

UmmBinat April 13, 2010

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