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Made these as a gift for a colleague as a change of pace from the usual cakes and cookies. Instead of canned nuts, I used a mix of pecans, almonds, Brazil nuts and cashews purchased in bulk. More economical and in my area, assures a better quality of nut. Really easy to make, these were in the oven in less than five minutes and the results were divine. Given the flavors of the pumpkin pie spice, I packaged the prepared nuts with dried cranberries. Thanks!

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justcallmetoni October 08, 2007

I made these for Spring '07 PAC and was not disappointed. These delicious little morsels are such a treat! I was unsure what to expect but they are quite yummy. The pumpkin pie spice gives it such a nice little subtle spicy taste - I loved the very slight taste of cardamom - and even with the sugar, they're not overly sweet. This is defintely something I will be making for Christmas goodie baskets! Thanks Nikki Kate for a tasty little recipe!

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Kater April 23, 2007
Sugar - Spiced Nuts