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I have made this basic cookie recipe many times, so I knew what to expect from the dough itself. I rolled it into 24 balls, and placed them into a well greased mini muffin tin. I baked them exactly 8 minutes. I unwrapped the miniature recees, and cut them in half. I had 22 halves, so next time I'll count the sugar free minis and make the number of balls to make them even. I immediately pressed them, cut side down, into the cookies and let them cool completely before removing from the tin. My diabetic mother was THRILLED to have her own cookies to munch through the holidays. Thanks so much for posting!

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ColCadsMom January 01, 2008

When I made this recipe they did turn out nice and creamy & easy to form into ball, but I use regular creamy peanut butter. But I did find that I made more than just 10 cookies like the recipe said, I made about 20 1/2 inch cookies. I needed to have more peanut butter cups on hand.

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vickie stang December 14, 2005

I'm not sure what I did wrong, but these came out SUPER dry and crumbly :( I was very much looking forward to a yummy peanut butter cookie but something definitely went awry! I did use Smucker's Natural Creamy Peanut Butter, so that might be where the problem lies. I might give it another try with a different PB once I get the mess in my kitchen cleaned up :)

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Mystia July 18, 2005
Sugar Free Reese's Cup Cookies