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Heavenly delicate blend of apple and pumpkin. I read then reviews and also doubled the spice, I may even add a bit more next time I make them. I used Splenda granulated instead of Xylitol and they were just fine. They bake like a dessert bread, so test with a tooth pick for doneness. I skipped the frosting and did not miss it. Without the frosting (which has molasses) this is a good diabetic cookie.

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Paitaoka July 25, 2011

I thought it was awesome. Like many others, I doubled the spices, and the cookies turned out great. They weren't really like cookies though; more like small pumpkin breads. I also tried the frosting. At first, it was pretty good, although the strong molasses flavor was slightly odd. However, this is where it got a bit weird. After leaving the cookies in a container for a couple days, they started to get soggy. I've heard that xylitol absorbs moisture, so this could have been the cause. After a couple more days, liquid would drip off the cookies if you lifted them. My verdict: don't do the frosting.

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Jesusdragon737 January 08, 2013

It is worth mentioning that these are truly NOT sugar free. A pound of pumpkin is worth 16 grams of sugar and the applesauce alone has 36 grams of sugar (even the "unsweetened" kind - apples are a sugar-rich fruit. Sugar-free applesauce is terribly misleading and simply untrue!) I also used Splenda brown sugar baking blend instead of the xylitol sugar substitute. Splenda uses a half-and-half formula for their baking blends, where they use real sugar and cut it with Splenda. I figured that was for chemistry purposes (once you start messing with the chemistry of baking, you can get some wildly different outcomes) so that brought my sugar total up. I doubled all spices except cloves as per the previous reviewer's recommendation. My total yield was about 60 cookies. Dense, bready texture. I added 3/4c walnuts to the second half of the batch. My calories per cookie came to about 58 calories each, with 4 grams of sugar.

I would absolutely recommend spreading the dough a bit flatter than just doing drop cookies. I used a clean finger to achieve a flatter size and I didn't wind up with pumpkin balls! Also, if you're reusing cookie sheets, give them a light spritz of Pam between uses to keep them slippery.

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dmf711 December 24, 2012

OH MY-MY...These are wonderful. I read the reviews before making and I doubled the spices, added a cup of rolled oats and a cup of chopped pecans and left out the icing. I also used liquid egg whites instead of the whole egg. My husband could not believe they were sugar free. Thanks so much for a sugar and fat free recipe.

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queenofshoppers October 06, 2010

SO SCRUMPTIOUS! They are soft and chewy and moist! I left out the icing, and the tablespoon-sized dough balls made 155 cookies, so they only had 14.8 calories per cookie. They do NOT taste sugar-free and fat-free. I recommend baking them only 10 minutes, maybe even 9, and next time I'm doubling all the spices.

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MaryAnna1111 June 19, 2010

My husband and I loved this recipie. Instead of making cookies I put the dough into a jellyroll pan like it was a cake and then cooked it for about 15 minutes. The frosting is excellent too!

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surfcityerin November 18, 2008
Sugar Free Pumpkin Cookies